Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Based on our preliminary evaluation of the information that you provide to us, the service may direct you to different types of participating lenders including peer to peer lenders, traditional lenders, and installment lenders. Lenders you are connected with will determine whether you are approved for the loan you seek.

Our form is easy to fill out. We analyze the information that you provide to us and if you meet certain requirements and depending on our network of participating lenders, we then connect you with the participating lender(s) who we believe are most likely to provide you with a loan (if you have bad credit, for example) or most likely to provide you a loan with a better rate (if you have very good credit, for example) based upon our assessment of your information. Not all lenders operate in all states, and this may affect the terms and interest rate you are provided. When you fill out our form, it is extremely important that you provide us with information that is accurate and current so that we can connect you with a participating lender(s). Your credit score can fluctuate daily, so please make sure that you provide us with a current score. Our process saves you time because we do not require you to fill out separate forms for each lender in order to start the process – instead, if we connect you with a lender(s) and you chose to move forward, you will then fill out any additional information required by the lender that selects you.

Is my information secure?

The security of your information is very important to us. We take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information. While we cannot guarantee the security of your information we strive to provide the best security we can and have designed our systems with that in mind. Please see our Privacy Policy which appears at the bottom of our website, for information about the use and disclosure of your personal information.

What kinds of loans do you offer? does not offer loans. Instead, the service is designed to connect you with participating lenders who offer loans. These lenders can offer unsecured or secured personal loans, including auto loans, loans after bankruptcy, medical loans, vacation loans, motorcycle loans, and loans for other needs. Based on certain criteria - based on the information you provide, we may direct you to different types of participating lenders including peer to peer lenders and traditional lenders.

Can I qualify for a loan?

Whether you ultimately qualify for a loan will depend on the specific credit requirements of each participating lender. is not a lender and does not make any lending decisions. Based on our assessment of your information, our service may direct you to different types of participating lenders including peer to peer lenders, traditional lenders, and installment lenders. In general, the minimum requirements to submit a request for a loan are as follows: a United States citizen, being over 18 years old, having a monthly income of at least $600 and having a valid home phone and e-mail address.

How much money can I borrow?

We connect customers with participating lenders who offer loans of up to $35,000 to customers who meet the highest of credit requirements. Start now to find out the maximum amount any participating lenders with whom you are connected to might offer to you. Our process is secure, easy, and fast!

How do I get my money?

Once you are approved, the money is usually electronically deposited into your account. Sometimes, you may receive the check in the mail or in person at a lender's office.

Why do you ask for my credit score?

We ask you to tell us your credit score because we do not run a credit check on you. A hard credit pull will negatively affect your credit score. A hard credit pull is a specific request made by lender to one (or all) of the 3 major credit bureaus. does not conduct a hard pull of your credit. By submitting your information, you are giving express authorization for our participating lenders to conduct a hard pull your credit in order to make a decision on your loan.

Who can't we help?

Although we would love to help everyone who needs a loan, the decision about whether or not to provide you with a loan is made by our participating lenders based on their decision making process. No lending decision is made by For example, some lenders require a form of collateral to secure a loan, such as a residence, an automobile, regular wages, or other cash flow. If you are connected to a lender that requires collateral and you do not have collateral, the lender will be unable to offer you a loan. As a result, there are certain customers who cannot help. Our lenders are all based in the United States and will only lend to U.S.-based customers. If you are not currently located in the US, we will not be able to help you. Generally, we are unable to help customers who are unemployed, under 18 years of age, have a monthly income of less than $600 and who do not have a valid home phone or email address.

How much does your service cost?

Our services provided by are completely free to you. We are paid directly by our participating lenders and through other offers on our website, including the offer to participate in a 7 day trial for credit monitoring may cost $1. This is just one example of how we might benefit from you using our website. Once you are approved for a loan, the approving lender will notify you of the rate and of any fees and costs associated with the loan you are being offered. The credit monitoring terms may change so please review the terms of the offer before you sign up.

What if I already have a loan?

If you already have a loan, be sure to identify it on the form under the total debt section. It is very important that our participating lenders receive all necessary information and that the information that you provide is as accurate as possible. Our lenders base their financing decisions on the information that you provide through your inquiry. Providing false information is illegal and can prevent you from receiving funding.

How do I pay back my loan?

Some, but not all, of our participating lenders can set up automatic loan payments for you. These payments would come directly from your bank account. The benefit of an automatic payment arrangement is that, if the money to cover the payment is in your bank account, your payment will be made whether you remember to make it, which may help to keep you from defaulting and from incurring late payment fees, depending on the terms and conditions established by your lender.

What if I can't pay back my loan?

If you can't pay your loan back, the lender likely will not forgive your loan, but some of our participating lenders may work with you to modify the payment terms. How your loan is treated depends entirely on the terms and conditions established by your lender. Make sure that you contact your lender before you are late on any payment so that they can work with you to reach a new agreement before your payment is due. You may need to use the lender again, so it is in your interest to remain in good standing with them.

Can I really get a loan with bad credit?

Yes! While not all customers qualify, some of our participating lenders have designed loan offerings for customers with bad credit. Generally, if you have really bad credit, a credit score less than 500, we will be unable to connect you with a lender that can offer you a loan. If you do obtain a loan, make sure to pay on time and to follow the rules that your lender provides to you – your failure to do so may harm your credit since the information could be given to the credit reporting agencies.