About BetterLoanChoice.com

How we can help

Sometimes people end up in a difficult situation where immediate financial assistance is needed. At BetterLoanChoice we understand that. We have partnered with lenders who focus on providing loans to people with all types of credit.

Since 2001, our team has been dedicated to connecting borrowers with lenders. What we have learned is that bad credit problems aren't always your fault! Regardless of your situation we aim to help those who are in need of a loan. Through the years, our experience has allowed us to develop a unique approach to matching borrowers with lenders.

What is "BetterLoanChoice"?

First, we are not a bank and we do not lend money. We are a service that connects people to lenders. For people with good credit, we try and match them to lenders with whom we have a direct relationship. For people who might otherwise be unable to get a loan because of bad credit, with your permission we use one or more third-party services to connect them with a larger group of lenders. Not all lenders are available in all states.

What is "good credit" and what is "bad credit"?

When we use the words "good credit," we mean a credit score of 600 or above. Our service may direct you to different types of participating lenders including peer-to-peer lenders, traditional lenders, and installment lenders. Our participating lenders can charge APR rates ranging from 6.73% to over 700%, but if you have bad credit we may be unable to match you to our participating lenders. For consumers who have bad credit we have relationships with third-parties who operate through a pool of lenders.

When we use the words "bad credit," we mean a credit score less than 600. As a result, if you have bad credit, additional lenders with your permission will have the opportunity to respond to your loan inquiries through a bidding process. We do not control how lenders set rates and cannot guarantee that the interest rate for your loan will be a function of your credit score or based on the rates provided by our participating lenders. Some lenders may operate outside of the legal jurisdiction of the United States.


Our service operates completely online, and based on the information you provide, our system will attempt to match you to a lender. If you have good credit, you may be matched with a lender who is likely to provide you a loan with a better rate. If you have a history of bad credit, we will share your information with a larger pool of lenders through a process which uses third-parties to introduce your inquiry to a larger pool of lenders. Not all lenders operate in all states, and this may affect the terms and interest rate you are provided. The process takes mere seconds, and the process only takes the average user a few minutes to complete. During the course of your inquiry, we ask you to provide your credit score that you've obtained recently (within 30 days) or totally at your option, you may obtain a credit score from a credit monitoring service offered by one of our partners. This service is a paid service and all fees associated with the service will be disclosed to you if you choose to use it in order to obtain your credit score. The credit score provided to you by the service provider may not be the same credit score used the lender with whom you are matched. The service includes your credit score, credit monitoring, and your credit report on a monthly basis. You are under no obligation to use any credit monitoring service in order to be matched to a lender. Including your credit score in our form will better assist us in matching you with a lender. We are directly compensated by the lenders only when you are funded. It is therefore in our best interest to get you funded.