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"Easy lending process & super friendly staff!" - Keya B.
"Service was excellent! Spoke with a live person after initial process. I liked that. No hidden surprises. I would recommend them to others. Five Stars!" - Patricia F.
"This process was very quick and easy. After filling out the initial application, which took about two minutes, I was matched with multiple loan offers in about an hour. I didn't have to wait on site, they sent me email notifications whenever I had a loan offer. When i accepted a loan offer, a representative from the financial institution contacted me within 15 minutes, and i literally had my check within 8 hours. This could not possibly be any easier. I highly recommend this service." - Gabriel T.
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Below are the different types of loans offered by our participating lenders.

  • Unsecured Loan

  • Installment Loan

  • Business Loan

  • Auto Loan

  • Short Term Loan

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Unsecured Personal Loans for Good and Bad Credit

For over 15 years the team at BetterLoanChoice has been helping people with good and bad credit get approved for personal loans. Our system is fast, safe and secure. Our participating lenders provide loans that can be used for anything! Personal Loans, Debt Consolidation, Business Loans, RVs, Plastic Surgery and anything else that you may need. In some cases, our participating lenders can get you the cash in less than 24 hours. Even if you have bad credit, our process may be able to help get you a loan. Begin now to find out!

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Who are the lenders?

BetterLoanChoice.com is not a lender, we do not make loans and we do not make credit decisions. Instead, we attempt to match you with participating lenders who offer loans. The lenders can offer unsecured or secured personal loans, including auto loans, loans after bankruptcy, medical loans, vacation loans, motorcycle loans, and loans for other needs. Based on certain criteria and on the information you provide, we may direct you to different types of participating lenders including peer-to-peer lenders banks, and consumer loan companies.

How do I pay back my loan?

Some, but not all, lenders can set up automatic loan payments for you. These payments would come directly from your bank account. The benefit of an automatic payment arrangement is that, as long as the money to cover the payment is in your bank account, your payment will be made whether or not you remember to make it, which may help to keep you from defaulting and from incurring late payment fees, depending on the terms and conditions established by your lender.

Why do you ask for my credit score? I thought you said no credit check.

We ask you to tell us your credit score because we do not run a credit check on you. A credit check or obtaining a credit report, may affect your credit score and is a specific request made to one (or all) of the 3 major credit bureaus. We at BetterLoanChoice.com do not pull your credit report. The lender(s) you are matched with may check your credit as part of this process.

How much money can I borrow?

Loans may be up to $25,000 for customers who meet lenders’ specific credit requirements. Start now to find out the maximum amount any participating lender might offer to you. Our process is secure, easy, and fast!

Can I really get a loan with bad credit?

Yes! While not all customers qualify, some of our participating lenders may still present you with a loan offer. Even if you have less than perfect credit, you may still qualify for certain types of loans. Generally, if you have really bad credit, a credit score less than 500, we will be unable to match you to a traditional or peer-to-peer lender.If you do obtain a loan, make sure to pay on time and to follow the rules that your lender provides to you – your failure to do so may harm your credit since the information could be given to the credit reporting agencies.

How much does your service cost?

Our services provided by BetterLoanChoice.com are completely free to you. We are paid directly by our participating lenders and through other offers on our website, including the offer to participate in a 7 day trial for credit monitoring. We benefit financially when you are approved for a loan by one of our participating lenders or when you read or click on certain information on our website. For example, if you sign up for a credit monitoring offer through an ad that we run on this website, we will receive a "conversion fee." This is just one example of how we might benefit from you using our website. Once you are approved for a loan, the approving lender will notify you of the rate and of any fees and costs associated with the loan you are being offered.


Our participating lenders offer loan terms that range from 6.73% to over 700% APR. Loan terms may very from 6 months to 60 months (5 years). Origination fees may range from 1% to 6%. This fee will be disclosed to you prior to you accepting your loan. On average the fee will be around 5%. For example, a $5,000, 36-month loan at an interest rate of 26% with a 5% origination fee, may cost you at least $2,252 in interest, requiring a total payback amount of $7,262. All fees associated with the loan are required to be disclosed by the lender in terms of APR. Not all lenders operate in all states, and this may affect the terms and interest rate you are provided. If you have any questions regarding the loan you are offered, you may contact the lender directly.

How are lenders matched?

You are matched to participating lender(s) based on the data you provide. Some lenders may respond to your inquiry based in part on your credit score, your income, your location, and other factors. When you are matched to a lender, you are not obligated to take a loan offer. Being matched to a lender does not guarantee that the lender will offer you a loan. We do not control how lenders set rates and cannot guarantee that the interest rate for your loan will be a function of your credit score.

Representative Loan Examples (Changing Terms)
Amount Term Rate (APR) No. of Payments Monthly Payment
$10,0001 year9.00%12$874.51
$10,0003 years9.00%36$317.99
$10,0005 years9.00%60$207.58
Representative Loan Examples (Changing Rates)
Amount Term Rate (APR) No. of Payments Monthly Payment
$10,0003 years9.00%36$317.99
$10,0003 years16.00%36$351.57
$10,0003 years29.00%36$419.05
* Other fees may apply, always review your loan terms before accepting your loan